About a conference

The First Russian Congress of Aesthetics is the largest professional event in Russian aesthetics. Its main aim is the uniting of researchers, creating a wide platform for opinion exchange, sharing new ideas, approaches, and results. As organizers, we believe that a friendly and professional environment will give us not only an opportunity for communication but also a chance to hear new voices and names, a chance to be heard.

The First Russian Congress of Aesthetics is the first important step in developing aesthetics in Russia.

Organizers of the Congress:
• St. Petersburg State University
• Russian society for Aesthetics

The program of the Congress will feature a presentation by plenary speakers and the work of 15 sections (in Russian) and section «Contemporary Aesthetics: Beyond the Limits» (in English). 

Also within the framework of the Congress will be hold: 
- the results of the Competition for the best student work on aesthetics in 2018; 
- a meeting "Developing aesthetics in Russia", where steps of aesthetics developing and productive forms of interaction between researchers will be discussed; 
- a presentation of the journal "Terra Aestheticae"; 
- a meeting of the Russian society for Aesthetics with the purpose of its institutional consolidation. 

You can find more information about our Congress here:
www.rusaesthetics-conf.ru/  (in Russian)

Please send your abstract (max. 200 words) for section «Contemporary Aesthetics: Beyond the Limits» (in English) to the address: rsaesthetics@gmail.com before September 10, 2018. 

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Programme Committee. 
The Conference fee is 20€ and covers all conference materials. 
The Conference fee is to be paid to the Congress' secretary before it's beginning.

We will be glad to see you
as participants of the Congress!